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Common Myths about Playtime for Kids

By: Hide and Seek Kids

Do you remember what it was like to play all the time? You could be a pirate and build a cubby house out of cushions. Play allows your child’s imagination to run wild, which is exactly what it should be doing, because playing is great for kids! Play is actually one of...


Cubby house: Build with your Kids in Mind

A cubby house is the one of the best ways to keep your children in the backyard and out of trouble, while making sure that they still get to have fun with their friends and siblings. A Hide and Seek Cubby is the perfect addition to any backyard for kids wanting to...


The Cubby Reno - Just another Mummy Blog

By: Just another Mummy Blog

We all love to see a good cubby Reno (lets face it, there are pictures all over Pinterest). I have  finally finished the girls cubby house!! Lets just say if this isn’t every little girl dream, I don’t know what is! in this blog I will be taking you through everything I did to take a raw natural wooden cubby and turn it into this!