Child-led learning

Author: Nikki  Date Posted:12 May 2022 

We made the decision a while ago to either Home-school our Girls or have them attend the local Waldorf school. With little Miss turning 4 this yr., the decisions we have made have started to play on mind. I like to think I’m confident in our choices but it is so hard to break away from mainstreams schooling without over analysing everything!

I don't believe mainstream schooling would benefit my daughters in any way, I don't want my 4yr to be turned into a statistic simply for school funding. One criticism of traditional education in many Western countries is that there is too much focus on testing and learning the core subjects at a young age.

Prep in QLD was introduced under the guise of play-based learning but sadly this is no longer the case as it is moving further and further away from its foundation curriculum.

I want my daughters to learn by exploring, Playing, making mistakes and taking risks.

Being a parent is hard enough without the extra pressure of expecting your child to be 'advanced' by Prep. As parents we are flooded by expensive Flashcards, Education Programs and Toys that are marketed as "education toys". I will not be guilted into thinking my daughters will be left behind if I don't subscribe to a whole range of expensive apps or programs at such a young age.

We don't push an education curriculum in our house, we use life skills and allow their own interests and curiosities to guide their learning experiences.

My Daughter counts to 20 simply by knowing how many eggs to put in a cake or how many Lemons she picked off the tree.

We do have one set of flashcards on their playroom wall at a time and this is simply because they are showing an interested at the time in either letters or number. 

Miss 4 is really interested in the Days of the week, so we are using our coloured flashcards to match up with our Grapat People. She can't read 'Monday' as such but she knows that Purple equates to Monday. 

When Miss 4 asks questions about 'letters' we grab her flashcards out so she can play favourite game. Matching the animal on the flashcards to her Holztiger animals, this is still form of learning but led by her and absolutely no pressure from me.

For parents wanting to display Flashcards, i will attach the ones we use.




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