Cubby house: Build with your Kids in Mind

Author: Hide and Seek Kids  Date Posted:30 May 2017 

cubby house is the one of the best ways to keep your children in the backyard and out of trouble, while making sure that they still get to have fun with their friends and siblings. A Hide and Seek Cubby is the perfect addition to any backyard for kids wanting to have fun, use their imagination and give you a much needed break.

Timber Cubby House | Cubby Hacks | Hide & Seek KidsAs a parent, you may sometimes pressure your children to perform well at school and at extra curricular activities. However, it is imperative they can have access to downtime. As adults don’t we all love that feeling we have after a nice relaxing holiday? I know I do! That’s why giving your children a healthy balance of both structure and free time is important. Why shouldn’t we help our kids along by providing them with toys that are not only fun but also act as a tool for their developmental growth. I recently saw a kid playing with Lego and I was horrified to see that Lego comes with instructions, what happened to using their imaginations. I worked in a school where colouring books were banned as it taught kids to be lazy and provided too much structure. By using their little imaginations our cubby houses and forts 

can become their own house, a shop or they could even turn the Oscar cubby house into a pirate ship with the right accessories.

Cubby house: It’s fun

When buying a cubby house, I’m sure you all think of a few things, what looks good and what is safe…. A cubby house from Hide and Seek Cubbies is built with your kids in mind, that’s why when we are designing we look at the cubbies from a kid’s perspective. We look at things such as where can little ones stick their fingers, window placement, using timber for our roofs and even airflow.

We want most of our cubbies to be big enough that parents can get inside and have fun with your kids, it may even bring back memories of your childhood. How many of us remember playing in our self built scrap cubbies, kids today have no idea the struggles we had as children to build cubbies! Once you installed a cubby house from Hide and Seek Cubbies you can sit back, watch your kid and have a cup of tea knowing we designed our cubby house with your child in mind.

We have written about kids using their imaginations and the safety aspects of our cubby houses but we are all forgetting one important thing. IT’S FUN!!! Yes, it may help your kids developmentally and physically but kids don’t give two hoots about this. KIDS WANT FUN! They want unstructed play were they can run free and feral! There is plenty of time for them to be serious when they become adults for now lets just let them play.

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