Hide & Seek Kids - Buying Guide - Kid's Safety

Deciding on a cubby house can be an exhausting task, how big, what features, what style or how much to spend? But do you ever think about the safety of the cubby house and what environment your kids playing in it?Cubby_House_Hudson

At Hide & Seek Kids, we test all our cubby houses against 2 standards.

  1. AS/NZ 8124: Safety of Toys Standard
  1. EN71: European Safety Standard

Ask the business if they build or manufacture their cubby houses to a standard? Ask to view it if needed.


Here are some tips to think about when purchasing your cubby house.

Roof Materials:

  1. Asphalt Felt Roof    

Many suppliers use asphalt felt roof shingles in their cubby houses, mainly for cost and weight benefits. Asphalt can often create fumes when heated up, this could become toxic especially when kids are playing in a semi-enclosed environment.

  1. Polycarbonate Roof

Polycarbonate is an extremely light and a durable product, but it has its downfalls. Majority of the time a clear polycarbonate panel is used, when in direct sunlight it can cause extreme heat. This creates an extremely hot environment; not what kids want to be playing in.

  1. Steel Roof

The steel roof is the most popular material used in the construction of homes around Australia and is beginning to be used widely within the Cubby House market. It is used for its durability. Being a steel product, it can become extremely hot and dangerous, especially if there is furniture in the cubby house and kids climb onto it and touch the roof. This can result in severe burns, not to mention the heat of the cubby house. This is extremely unsafe and should be avoided!

  1. Timber Roof

All Hide & Seek Kids cubby houses are made from timber, even the roof. Timber is durable and will move with the cubby house during temperature fluctuations. Once the timber roof is sealed and painted it very rarely ever has any issues. Painted timber can reflect a lot of the heat, allowing the cubby house to stay at a manageable temperature.


Height – Elevated Cubbies:

Hide & Seek Kids Cubby Houses come in 3 different heights: On the ground, 800mm off the ground and 1100mm off the ground. 1100mm is the safest maximum height off the ground and has been deemed has the safest levels of risk for safe fall heights.


Do you want the cubby to be a permanent fixture or removable?

Hide & Seek Kids Cubby Houses are all designed to be taken apart if needed and moved.

The more permanent cubby houses that are available on the market are extremely expensive and once installed can not be easily moved if situations change.



Some companies are charging up to 6 times the amount of a Hide & Seek Kids Cubby House,  then they suprise you with “Professional Installers” charges. Our cubbies can be installed in a few hours using just a cordless drill!


There is a reason why we are Australia’s most favourite Cubby House supplier!

Australian families are paying too much and have been ignored for too long. Hide & Seek Kids listen to what parents and kids want and this is why our cubbies are fast becoming the perfect accessory in back yards.