Warehouse Pickup Information

Local Pick Up

Order & Collect straight away! (If goods are in Stock!)

Pick Up Address

Shed 6A - 143 St Vincents Road
Virginia, 4014 QLD

Phone: 0417 005 696
Phone: 0450 569 603

Monday - Friday: 9:00am – 2:00pm
Saturday/Sunday: Only if advertised "Open"

Will this fit in my vehicle?

Most products are flat-packed and come in multiple cartons for easy storage and transportation.
Every product on our website should list the carton dimensions and weights, be sure to measure your vehicle before coming down to pick up.
For safety reasons, we cannot force or over tighten products that do not fit easily in your vehicle or trailer.

What do I bring?

Proof of purchase in the form of your paid invoice will be required when picking up your goods.
Also do not forget to bring a tarp in the case of bad weather!
More importantly, do not forget to bring your tie down straps!

Have a truck? Car? Trailer?

Our warehousing is large enough to fit all types of transport.